Dear Friends,

Accountability is a tool, not a weapon.

Many of us associate the word accountability with negativity or punishment because, frankly, that’s how those in leadership often treat it. But that’s not what it truly means, nor is that its real or most effective purpose.

Taking accountability means stepping into your power. Not just you – your team, too. People who know how to be accountable are more committed, creative, imaginative, involved, productive, and engaged. Accountability offers a sense of personal buy-in to the mission of the business or organization and the paths to get there. It means you do what you say you will do, and accept the fallout if something goes wrong without passing along the blame. Fostering a strong accountability mindset with your team will positively impact every single aspect of all that you do. Having high performance standards – that you all agree upon – is what makes a business thrive.

There’s something else important I want to add.

Don’t trick yourself into thinking that your team won’t notice if you yourself shrink from accountability. They will. You can preach accountability all you want – but if you don’t walk the talk, no one is going to give you the commitment to accountability that is so desperately needed. And rightly so: you should be leading by example, not by demanding your team accomplish what you cannot do yourself.

Accountability is, at its core, a wonderful and powerful tool when wielded properly. For a detailed look at the impact it can have on your business, this article is a fantastic resource. Reach out for assistance if you or your team needs help developing the ability to take accountability proudly and with confidence. I look forward to hearing from you.