“Michael has been instrumental in helping me think about my organization, my business development approach and my business brand in a very effective way. I have come to rely on Michael’s perspective and strategic insight when contemplating decisions in the business. I always leave our sessions with a very good handle on the process for structuring and growing my business.”

Stefan Hankin, CEO, Lincoln Park Strategies

“Michael has given my business partners and I strategic advice as we continue to analyze ways to grow our business. Michael takes great care in honoring the mission and values of our company as he provides insight into strategies that can help our business stay relevant in a highly competitive environment.”

Rebecca Rubin, CEO, Marstel-Day Environmental Consulting

“Michael is the best kind of tenacious – he finds a subject that he KNOWS will make your business better and he doesn’t let go until the mission is accomplished. His tactics are spot on – a balance of education, tough love and truly knowing what an executive needs to be their best.”

Gina Schaefer, Owner Washington/Baltimore Region , 11 Ace Hardware Stores

“Michael has been very helpful as a business and strategic advisor as as I have moved from a small business towards growing a professional organization. His work with my team has helped us compete very effectively with other fitness organizations in the region.”

Mark Crick, Founder & CEO, Balance Gym & XL Management

“Michael has a keen ability to understand our business and our organization and has helped me work through many issues of business strategy, people and organizational structure.”

Thomas Sanchez, Founder & CEO, Social Driver

“Michael has been a thoughtful advisor and coach to our team, with a keen eye on people development, business growth and big-picture strategy. His tenacity and wisdom are a huge value-add to the growth of my business.”

Trent Heminger, Senior Vice President, Compass Real Estate

“Michael has served a critical role in helping us create focus on governance and communications as we seek to solidify and grow our world-class alumnae network.”

Jaye Rogovin, Alumnae Council Chair, Marlborough School

“Michael has an uncanny knack for getting to the heart of any business issue. Not only is he a thoughtful and intuitive business advisor, he is a valuable resource to the entire team. His style is engaging and his approach is laser-like.”

Kelly Anastasi, Director of Wealth & Financial Management, Bridgewater Wealth & Financial Management

“Michael is a trusted advisor. He focuses on building relationships and understanding his client’s goals and business operations, so that when he is needed he is 100% ready to help. He does this because he actually cares about people and wants to help.”

Thomas S.

“I could not ask for a more strategic or thoughtful executive coach. Michael blends his real-life experiences with a keen understanding of the unique nature of my business and the challenges and opportunities that are present each day as an executive and leader. Our conversations equip me with an effective roadmap for tackling a variety of situations and ultimately achieving career success.”

Darcy Day Keller, Senior VP, Financial Times

“I have come to rely on Michael’s advice and perspective as I look to grow my business. Michael has helped me analyze my organizational resources in a way that is both helpful and objective. He gets the big picture and has helped me position our company for greater success in the coming year.”

Fred Hill, CEO, The Hill Group

“A phrase from my days at Georgetown and my Jesuit education came to mind when thinking of you, your work and your approach to life: you are truly a person for others. In addition to my own personal experience, I have seen evidence of this in the last 24 hours with two other people. One graduated from a leadership program yesterday, and it was truly a great experience for her. She wouldn’t have gone through that program had it not been for you pushing me to attend a similar program and mentoring her yourself. Additionally, it is clear to me that you are helping another mutual friend think through her next steps by connecting her with the right people through her job search. Those are just two examples in the last 24 hours. I feel so proud to know you.”

Senior Business Executive, Washington, DC