Entrepreneurs and business leaders alike must embrace “urgency” as a way of life if they want their businesses and organizations to thrive.

In John Kotter’s fantastic book on the subject, A Sense of Urgency, urgency is: “not to just have a meeting today, it’s to have a meeting that accomplishes something today.”

Urgency is needed to create focus around knowing exactly what you want to achieve in your business. A leader/entrepreneur who possesses a sense of

“confident urgency” is productive, results-focused, and can ignore the external voices of doubt and un-constructive criticism (as well as the internal voices of imposter syndrome and self-doubt).

Be wary, though, of confusing a sense of urgency with living in a state of emergency. Urgency is proactive, emergency is reactive. Consistently living in a state of emergency sucks the energy right out of every aspect of your organization. Urgency isn’t about putting out fires – it’s about keeping a keen eye on the prize. So many of you ask me why moving your business forward is so hard. My inevitable response – you need to stay focused, move faster, you need to push harder, you need to embrace greater urgency! These aren’t just words – this must be your rallying cry!

Reach out for assistance developing a healthy sense of urgency today. I look forward to helping you on your leadership journey.