Much of what we expected of ourselves and our careers over the past two years was upended by the pandemic and the ensuing widespread lockdowns. As we return to normal, many are finding that a lethargy has set in which makes getting back on track harder than it should be.

It is not that difficult to overcome the inertia.


Few of us give our own minds the credit they deserve. Within our minds, we hold the capacity to change not just ourselves but the world … if we apply their full potential. Unlocking that potential does not require mental gymnastics but rather, a simple dedication to self-reflection.

Make the time to think deeply. Create a cocoon where you are alone with your thoughts, even if it is for a short period every day. Look at your journey to this point in your life and perceive the best path ahead to the place that you want to be in the future.

Many who practice deliberate self-reflection are amazed at the answers they find, all of which were always there, waiting to be discovered.


So much of being “stuck” can be attributed to a narrowed focus – if you can only perceive a sliver of the myriad opportunities that exist, how will you free yourself? The lockdowns of the past two years forced blinkers upon us through uncertainty and isolation but a small minority thrived: those who seized the chance to educate themselves.

Whether it was skills and information to help them at their jobs or secondary knowledge that helped launch a lucrative side gig, learners emerged better prepared for both challenges and opportunities. That equation will not change post-pandemic. Invest in education that stimulates your sense of discovery and will set your neurons abuzz with new pathways and insights.


Sometimes it is not a matter of adding something to your plate but removing things. Rather than perpetually seeking new things in new places, assess what is already in the realm of possibility for you right now. Determine which of those areas hold the most promise and effectively cull the rest from your mind, at least for now.

It is not only the renewed focus that will help you get out of your rut but also the departure from a frenetic existence. The quiet moments between tasks in your new routine are ripe for the intuitive perception of details you would otherwise have missed, or the recognition of overarching concepts that would otherwise have been overlooked.


It’s had to achieve anything without a plan. The common assumption is that a plan works just because it lays a roadmap to a goal. That is true in certain respects but the real power behind a plan is its elimination of distractions.

A predetermined set of goals to achieve and an outline to realize them relegates distractions to the periphery. That concentrates your focus and efforts, giving you the momentum to extricate yourself from the doldrums.

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