In today’s business world, productivity is a standard requirement for value. However, an obsession with productivity can actually make one less productive. The opinion that your colleagues have of you is contingent on the quality of the work you produce, not just the quantity. If you are feeling unproductive, the answer is not to stop focusing on goals but to develop a new perspective.

State of mind affects work performance. Stress, both from within and outside the workplace, has an impact on an individual’s quality and quantity of work. A work environment where a high-volume of completed tasks is the prime goal usually has an atmosphere of negativity about it. Here are several strategies that could lead you, your team, and your organization to greater productivity:

Don’t be afraid to delegate. On many occasions, business leaders will ask themselves the question of whether or not they should delegate a task. Often the answer is yes. Even though delegating tasks might initially require time to train the person who inherits the task, but in the long run it will be time worth spent.

Make meetings more productive. Evaluate the amount of time spent in meetings and make an honest assessment of what meetings are productive. If the meetings are managed within a master calendar, go back and determine if any of these meetings can be eliminated or cut back in time. Repeating the same meetings that are unsupportive of strategic goals or scheduling them because they are corporate tradition is highly counter-productive. Be realistic about it and it will be beneficial to the entire team.

Find what you love and encourage your team to do the same. A project may be difficult as a whole, but there are usually elements within it that are enjoyable. By shifting focus onto these aspects, and monitoring overall progress, the less enjoyable tasks can start to seem a lot more manageable. And remember; ask for projects that you enjoy and encourage your team to do likewise.

Practice Persistence. When you need a dose of motivation, just remember that persistence pays off. Keep chipping away the less enjoyable (and sometimes mind-numbing) tasks that need to be finished.

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