Disruption. A pause for breath. An opportunity to reflect and introspect. The past months have been all these things. Unprecedented experiences nudge us out of the reveries of daily routine and the past year has been a veritable cornucopia of them. That awakening can be used as a catalyst for thoughts of undiscovered possibilities and the forerunner of change.

For many careers, there is a path clearly laid out as the “right” way to do things. But what if, after reflection, that path doesn’t feel right? It may be time to re-prioritize your career goals, consider what you really want from your career, and reimagine your path forward. If this is something you are interested in undertaking, here are some things to think about:

Who do you want to become?

Even the most dedicated question their path and speculate what else could be. We each have several alternate versions of our future selves in our imaginations. The key is to decide which of those personas is the true objective, the real person you want to become.

Focus on what has made you happy with yourself in the past. The achievements that punctuated and validated your efforts as you surged forward in your career. If your present path is devoid of even the potential for such experiences, does it make sense to stay on it?

Perhaps one of the alternate iterations of yourself that you have visualized has greater rights to your efforts today.

How can you move forward?

One of the greatest joys of life is the inherent mystery of the future … but that doesn’t make planning for it any easier. Each of the possible visions of yourself demands a sacrifice of time, of rigorous effort, and perseverance.

After you take the first step of deciding on the person this metamorphosis will create, formulate the process. Knowledge is always the precursor to change. Empower yourself with information and, more importantly, the thirst for it. Educate yourself on every element that will buoy you on the journey. Seek it from books, from the experts, and from your mentors.

Reach out to your network. Yes, it is still possible even with social distancing. When you read something that helps you, contact the author. When you have your own opinions to share, publish. Expand your circle, pushing its center towards the place that you want to be.

Is this the right time?

With the climate of uncertainty that prevails, is it really the time to consider major life changes? Yes, it is. It may even be the best time because so many people ask themselves that question and give themselves an answer in the negative. You are the outlier.

Enough following—now is precisely the time to break from the pack.

My 30+ years of experience as a lawyer, corporate executive, and Board member has led to professional accomplishments in many area of business and professional development. Please contact me if I can be of assistance in helping you redefine your career goals.