There is an innate desire in almost all of us to shape the world to our liking, to our perspective. Leaders use that desire to unify people around a shared purpose and drive them towards a common goal. There may be no magic leadership formula but many good leaders share similar habits. How many of these do you practice?

Begin Each Day with Purpose

Focus on a single important step or goal that you want to achieve for the day. Set this objective before you check on your emails and messages, and avoid being distracted away from this target unless it is an emergency. When you have the resolve, the ocean will part to show you the way.

Morning Routines Matter

A disciplined start to the day is the perfect launchpad for clarity and productivity. Your routine should include meditation, exercise, or similar activities that contribute to your personal wellness. With your mind in order, you are much better placed to lead, to listen and to understand.

Ask the Right Questions

Everyone turns to leaders for answers but you cannot have the right answer without the right information yourself. Correctly frame every situation to take charge. Instead of passive “Why” questions, move deliberately to proactive “How” ones. “Why did this happen?” gives way to “How will I make sure this doesn’t happen again?”

Interaction is Priceless

Routine has its place but diverging from a set schedule, especially when it involves face time with lesser-known members of your team, has its own virtues. Unexpected meetings with leaders can be inspiring experiences. They give you an aura of approachability as well as invaluable insight into the everyday state of your company. Go from acting like a good leader to interacting like a great one.

Share Your Zeal

Passion and enthusiasm cannot be faked. Leaders who truly believe in their philosophies stand out from the crowd; Steve Jobs was the perfect example. Take the conviction you have in your goals and focus it into the driving force behind not just you as an individual but for your people as a whole.


Last but certainly not least, don’t just read but read to learn. The world’s most influential people, including Bill Gates, place reading at the top of their list of desirable traits for employees. Absorb the myriad ideas that good leaders have left behind and let them coalesce into actionable plans you can apply to your world, your life and your intentions.

Make Your Own Road

Much of our leadership potential is in our genes – nature. The rest is molded by our environment and experiences – nurture. Being a leader is not about reading a list and abiding by it. Take the ideas here, internalize them and personalize them before you apply them.

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