There is something about storytelling that appeals to the most ancient parts of the human brain. It has roots in how we evolved as communities, gathered around fires as we listened to tales spun to explain the mysteries of the world around us.

You can apply that primordial desire to visualize in our heads what we hear to your business. This tactic is far more effective for engaging an audience than just a simple campaign with slogans.

What is Storytelling?

Naturally, there is a divergence between how stories in the usual sense are told and the stories we tell in marketing. The key difference is that the former is narrated to entertain and teach while the principal objective of the latter is to engage existing and potential clients, and create a bond with your brand.

In the same way that fables have a moral that can be summed up in one line, the chief message of your story can be abbreviated to a slogan. An engaging story spun around the slogan works in the same way that a fable reinforces a moral by creating an emotional connection between the audience and the message.

Storytelling in marketing encourages people to see themselves in the narrative. You can achieve this through the creation of a brand mascot or by illustrating a pain point that they experience. When you convey how your product solves an issue with which they struggle, they are exponentially more likely to respond positively.

Why it Works

A story can be retold. Every brand wants each of its fans to become ambassadors of its message. If you can imbed in their minds a funny or intriguing story, or one that subverts their expectations, they will feel a need to share it with their circles.

This approach, when applied effectively, can create an army of enthusiastic and fiercely protective followers who work for you without pay. One way to achieve this is to tell your personal story, revealing how it is you earned your current platform despite the challenges.

It is hard to find people who will not empathize or see themselves in your shoes because, in their own heads, they will substitute your struggles for their own. That brand of loyalty is literally priceless.

Another thing to remember is that modern audiences are incredibly sophisticated. They know that they are being marketed to. A storytelling approach, though, allows them the convenience of suspending reality and escaping into a world where they are not being viewed as a commodity to be captured.

It helps to put a face to the story, too. Practise your storytelling skills and you may even become the personification of your brand to your customers. If you’re looking to brush up your storytelling skills, reach out today.