The term “time multiplier” is self-explanatory. Time multiplying tools and strategies deliver significant tangible outcomes for a disproportionately small investment of time, energy and/or money. So why is something that promises such fantastic results not already part of your daily time management strategy?

Here are five effective time multiplier strategies that you can apply for immediate results.

Curate Your To-Do List

Effective leadership is not about managing everything but rather prioritizing the tasks that require your direct attention. This includes decisions on not simply what to do but, perhaps more importantly, to whom you allocate your time. Cut down on meetings and interviews that erode your schedule without producing equitable progress. Screen calls and emails and focus on results-dense interactions.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

If you are a manager, manage. Surround yourself with intelligent, reliable associates and subordinates on whom you can rely for support and assist when necessary. They will be your safety net when you curate your to-do list and delegate lower priority tasks. Delegation can also involve training or hiring personnel specifically to perform these tasks.

Cultivate the Right Habits

Approximately 40 percent of the average person’s day is dictated by their habits, whether positive or negative. An individual with the willpower to build the right habits can achieve far more with minimal effort than an ill-disciplined person can with far more time and energy. The hurdle which is hardest to overcome is forming positive habits in the first place. Habit tracker apps that monitor your short- and long-term habits are the ideal way to begin the transformation.

Select the Right Time

Habit tracker apps also help you discover another crucial piece of information: when you are most productive. Concentrate your most important tasks in this period to achieve the most out of it. Many people discover that they have more than one hyper-productive period. This is even better – it allows you to break up your day into multiple bursts of efficient results.

Collaborate with the Right People

No person is an island and especially not when it comes to management. What you achieve as an individual is a fraction of what a team can achieve with your leadership and collaboration. It is not simply about choosing the most talented people; the greatest time multiplication occurs when the strength and weaknesses of each individual are taken into consideration. Know your team and you will achieve incredible things together.

In the end, we all have 24 hours in our day. What matters is how we use it. Please contact me if you would like to discuss more ways to make the most of your time each day.