Are you hoping to attract the attention of future clients? Here are some of the most popular marketing trends for 2021 that may give your organization an edge over your competitors.

Audio Search and Control

Convenience is the name of the game and audio search and control free up our hands to drive, type, cook, or cuddle. Virtual assistants can be found in nearly all our smart devices, with the latest TVs and even fridges getting in on the act.

Not only does this benefit the consumer but the analytics also give you incredible insight into your target consumers’ lifestyle and purchasing habits.

User-Generated Content

Authentic user interaction is the pinnacle of every digital strategy and they don’t come more authentic than users generating their own content. This behavior tells search engines that your website, app, or forum brings so much value to its audience that they voluntarily contribute their time and effort to sustain it.

If you are looking to rank for high-value search terms organically, there is no better option than user-generated content.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Weirdly named, yes, but non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been on a moneymaking rampage of late, proving that virtual creations can have real-world value. From artwork to music to customized video game objects, the NFT market is making an impression wherever there is a digital presence.

With people spending more hours online every year, their value will only increase with time. Get in early.

Real-Time Shopping

The antiquated “As Seen on TV” format has been reinvented for this century in the form of interactive marketing, no matter which platform your customers may be using. Every major social media app has integrated “Buy Now” options, often with popular celebrities or influencer channels pushing products and services.

There is no shortage of consumers who want to look, dress and smell like, and have their homes resemble those of their idols. They can just do it instantaneously now and will jump at the chance.

Influencer Marketing

And that brings us to influencer marketing, a trend that has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of any tactic in marketing today. Research shows that 83 percent of companies earn double their investment through influencers, with the top 13 percent making $20 or more for every $1 spent.

Your audience trusts the people they like and no amount of snazzy advertising and slick commercials can compare.

Web Apps

There is an app for everything, that’s for sure. If your business does not have an app, you are missing out on not just great insights into your users but opportunities to engage and sell 24/7. The excuse of “But I have a website” will no longer cut it as users migrate from webpages to product/service-specific alternatives. Consider Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that give you the same functionality as an app but without forcing the user to install anything.

Marketing is always a multi-faceted exercise. No single strategy listed here will propel you to the forefront of your industry. However, several if not all of them acting in unison make your company a formidable player in its field.

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