No matter what size company or team you lead, crafting an effective goal-setting strategy is an essential part of what will make you and your organization successful in the long run. Your future success lies in your ability to make your vision for the future a reality – creating true measurement and accountability.

Take those big dreams and strategies of yours and break them down into smaller, 90-day and annual goals that can be easily measured. What are the steps you need to take in order to achieve your vision? When it comes to your and your team’s careers, no matter how fondly you imagine your future success, nothing will come to fruition without clear and actionable short-term objectives and frequent reassessment. Setting clear, actionable goals makes it easier to monitor your and your team’s progress and make certain that you are staying on the right track. Once you’ve set your goals, stick to them. Progress check-points will keep you on the right track. It is essential that you build this analysis into your quarterly schedule.

Don’t forget that you are part of a team. A team that has a say in the creation and implementation of organizational goals is a group more likely to achieve them. Even – and especially – at the top of the corporate ladder, you won’t be carrying out each step yourself. You’ll be delegating, and the team members who are being held accountable will be measurably more successful than those who are not.

Head toward your business and career goals with clarity and purpose.

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