The ever-increasing prevalence and sophistication of modern gadgets foreshadows a tele-everything world. Is it an ascent into Utopia or a descent into something lesser?


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) now have the ability to simplify and automate very intricate tasks. The much-vaunted “human touch” factor will soon cease to matter because we, the audience, won’t be able to tell the difference.

When large-scale automation replaced people in the manufacturing sector, it simultaneously drove employment in the design, construction, and maintenance of those automatons. By contrast, tomorrow’s autonomous self-learning and self-replicating programs may only give businesses a choice between an inefficient, flawed human workforce and productive, effective machines. As always, profit will drive the decision.


The coronavirus lockdowns laid the foundations, however shaky, for large-scale remote schooling. Future systems will be far more comprehensive and effectively enforced. Your future team members will have grown up on e-learning, and they will respond best to job training and certification delivered through digital media.

Businesses will have to incorporate this shift gradually, starting now, to avoid situations where older and newer workers cannot communicate or collaborate effectively.

Health Care

With smart wearable devices already proving themselves capable of life-saving diagnoses, employers could conceivably mandate that staff use them. It would help businesses—and insurers—decide on coverage and premiums.

Data from these devices could potentially slash your business medical budget as well as the number of lost hours. It may even allow managers to monitor stress and concentration levels among team members, paving the way for a more balanced allocation of the workload and improved productivity.

Daily Commercial Transactions

Cashless is king and businesses should look to incorporate mini transactions at every stage of the consumer journey. This approach keeps customers constantly engaged with your brand through its products and/or services, builds loyalty, and also creates a steady income stream.

A website is no longer enough. Any organization looking to capture a share of daily commercial transactions should consider a custom-built app.

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