However you have made connections in the past – whether online using social or networking platforms, participating actively in your local business community, or have a large list of industry connections you have built up over the years – it’s easy to lose touch with people. If you want to reconnect with your network, there are some tried and tested tips that you can use to rekindle those lost connections and spark up conversations and connectivity again. Here are six tips to help you on your connection quest!

Be Genuine
If you are reaching out to someone personally online, then genuinely is key. Do not copy and paste a generic message. If you have the means to see their business or social profiles, try to find out what they have been up to and take a genuine interest in their activities and aspirations.

Be Giving
If you want to ask them for something, it is important to not come across as self-centered. Try to make sure that your connection isn’t always about you. If you can, offer expertise or knowledge whenever there is an opportunity to do so. If you help someone, they will always remember that. Connecting others with one another is also a great way to boost your long-term networking.

Be Noticeable
Getting noticed is key, but it needs to be for the right reasons. Every industry will have networking events that take place on or offline. Being present or attending these is important as well. You need to stay in touch in order to stay on their radar.

Be Active
Going radio-silent on your network is a big no-no. You need to remain active in your network. Whether that be on or offline, you should make time to ensure you are active on those networks. It doesn’t have to consume your day; finding time each day or every week to talk or comment or explore things within your network is very important and will help you stay connected.

Be Interesting
If you are networking online, then you don’t always have to create new content and reinvent the wheel so to speak. Being interesting can literally be a case of sharing interesting content. If you follow the right channels that will resonate with your network, then often being the first to share newsworthy content, and adding a narrative that portrays your opinions on the subject is enough.

These are just some quick and easy tips to help you reconnect with your network. Business people are always busy, and it is normal to lose touch with people now and again. However, if you use these points to reconnect with your network, and sustain that connectivity, you can look forward to reaping the benefits of those connections for many years to come.

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