What can we really learn from our children that we don’t already know? The truth of the matter is that children are a constant source of innovation, creativity, and energy. They approach each and every moment with a certain vigor and freshness unlike many of their adult counterparts. You only need to stand and observe how they approach things before you start to appreciate what business skills you can learn from them. In most cases, these are skills you already hold; they are, in fact, skills that you need to re-learn.

A Thirst for Adventure
Children don’t evaluate the risks and the numbers or consider what the “normal” way to approach something is. They see the end prize and just want to know how quickly they can start their adventure. There is a certain sense of wonder and excitement about every adventure a child embarks on, and the enthusiasm in which they approach each and every challenge that comes up along the way. This is, after all, how we want our teams to feel about their projects, the vision of the business, and the overall purpose of the organization.

Limitless Creativity
Children have far fewer boundaries; they are limited by circumstance or by doing things a ‘certain’ way. In business, it is far too easy to fall into the trap of doing things how they have always been done. It is easy to stick to the processes, routines, and be dictated to by a system. Children have no issues with discovering new territories, with pushing things to the limit and working outside of the box. After all, for children, there is ‘no box.’ Their creative freedom has no boundaries.

Play Hard, Get Lots of Rest
Children seem to have limitless energy. They go from one thing to another without tiring. Where do they get the energy from? The key here is rest, and plenty of it.
Taking periods of rest from your screen, from your desk, and from the problems you are trying to solve is essential to ensure you are always firing on all four cylinders.

A Blank Canvas
Children have an innate ability to create something from nothing. They see the opportunity in everything. With adults, and in business in particular, a blank canvas is not always viewed in the same accepting and appealing way. You will be able to feel that same wonderous sense of excitement once again when you learn to accept that:

  1. there are some things that you just don’t know and
  2. you are able to trust the process you are going to embark upon will give you great results.

Finally, children are always brutally honest. They have a tendency to say things exactly as they see them. Their communication is clear and genuine. This is one of the best, and perhaps most important, skills that we can learn from our children.

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