If your personal brand doesn’t have adequate visibility, it is highly unlikely that it will ever gain the necessary momentum to grow. In this article, we offer some practical tips to help you enhance the visibility of your personal brand.

Be A Subject Matter Expert

To truly stand out in your field, you need to position yourself as a subject matter expert or thought leader. In order to gain greater visibility, consider writing or contributing to articles, agreeing to interviews, or speaking at events.

Often charities or networking events are on the lookout for interesting topics. Offering to speak for free on a well-researched subject is a great way to gain visibility for your brand.

Be Present on Social Media

In a world driven by online transactions and interaction, it is essential that a consistent image of your brand is presented on all social media platforms. As with any aspect of branding, consistency is key. Always to be mindful of what you choose to post. A single tweet or Instagram post, if posted without due care and consideration, can be detrimental and may attract the wrong kind of visibility.

While you are creating your presence online, it is good practice to also tidy up any old profiles. Should an old post or tweet emerge that could damage your personal brand, a swift and sincere apology will go a long way. However, to avoid such occurrences, some general housekeeping is always a good idea.


There is great value in networking and nothing beats a face-to-face meeting when you are trying to achieve greater visibility for your brand. Effective networking will not only allow you to be noticed, it will also provide you opportunities to build contacts with other people and organizations who align well with your personal values and brand.

It is important to remember that a good working relationship does not happen overnight. It often takes more than one meeting before your brand will be etched into people’s consciousness.


Consumers nowadays not only want a product, they want a product that is marketed by a brand that has a social conscience. All things being equal, a consumer will almost always opt for a brand that is an active participant in corporate citizenship. There is a feel-good factor as the consumer will feel they are indirectly contributing to the community or cause.

It is essential to team-up with a charity whose values align well with your brand. There is greater possibility for a long-term relationship if you feel passionate about the charity and your values are in tandem. It is also prudent to research and vet the background of the charities you are thinking of supporting.

Although there is no singular route that is guaranteed to give you elevated reach for your personal brand, if you follow the four steps outlined in this post you will certainly be heading in the right direction. If you have any questions, please read my blog post The Importance of Networking or Fuel Your Personal Brand with Service.