In past blog articles, I have written about the importance of creating a personal brand. In order to achieve sustainable success as a business owner, you have to become intentional in the area of personal branding. In this article, I detail three ways you can improve your branding strategy and deliver impactful actions.

Tell Your Story

Don’t be afraid to tell your story. In most cases, your individuality is the selling point of your business and is what will connect you to your clients. Storytelling is a powerful tool. For centuries, storytelling has been a method for people to pass on knowledge, preserve cultural histories, and to entertain. Stories take people on a journey; they can be creative, intriguing or inspiring.

Stories that are authentic and sincere tend to have a greater effect. While there is some artistic license in crafting your brand stories, it is important to root them in the truth.

Make a Connection

Brands can evoke a response by appealing to basic emotions like happiness and sadness. Brands that consumers associate with happiness and positive feelings will, of course, have a better emotional connection. However, appealing to the sadness element can reap dividends as well. Charities are very good at this by sharing real-life stories to promote their cause. The empathy they create with these stories is followed by a call to action to donate.

Nostalgia marketing is also an effective way to make a connection. It harnesses both emotions and memories. For example, McDonald’s recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac with a limited edition Big Mac Jr. and Big Mac Grand. The campaign has an advertisement full of emotional throwback, and it was so successful that the Big Mac Grand sold out in just three days.

The Pack Mentality

The rise of social media has created many social media influencers, some of which have an immense following. It is increasingly commonplace for brands to partner with these influencers to gain market share. Followers of popular influencers are more likely to buy a product recommended by someone they follow. In 2017 alone, the global Instagram influencer market value is at US$1.07 billion. This is predicted to rise to $2.38 billion in 2019.

Another way to harness this pack mentality is to create digital communities for your brand. The term “social herding” is when people make a connection with each other over a shared value thus forming an online community. The Dove “Real Beauty” campaign is a good example of this concept. It sparked a conversation about the concept of beauty worldwide and even years on; it is a still considered a game changer.


By telling your personal story, making a connection with your clients, and appealing to the pack mentality, a business leader can connect with their brand’s base and create brand awareness. For more advice on how to harness your personal brand, read my blog post How Philanthropy Can Boost Your Personal Brand.